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Commercial Property Surveyors Melbourne | Formiga1

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Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.

Formiga1 is an international company with local experts in Melbourne.

Our Melbourne office is focused on servicing the commercial building surveying needs of clients in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

With the support of our other offices in Australia, our Melbourne based building surveyors and building approval consultants can assist with the educational, aged care, medical, industrial and retail industries.

Professional & experienced building surveying services based in Melbourne.


  • "As architects who specialise in the design and documentation of Aged Care, Health and Education buildings, Bickerton Masters Architecture has worked with Formiga1 on numerous projects over many years. We value their commitment to professional development and their understanding of a broad range of issues that concern both the architect and client.

    They have a comprehensive understanding of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and are proactive in identifying and addressing potential problems during the design stages. Through innovative thinking and a collaborative style, Formiga1 assist the design team to address more complex problems through the development of alternative solutions under the BCA. This approach minimizes site issues, and results in a building that meets both functional and regulatory requirements."

    Martina Hale, Senior Architect
    Bickerton Masters Architecture

  • "QML have been using Formiga1 as our Building Certifiers of choice for several years. Their experience and knowledge in dealing with various Local and multiple State Authorities helps to minimise the issues that may arise during the approval and occupation of our Projects. As many of our jobs are time sensitive, the communication between Formiga1 and ourselves is very important and we are very pleased with the service that they continue to provide"

    Steve Eacott, Facilities Manager
    QML Pathology

  • "Formiga1 have provided certification services to Churches of Christ in Qld over a number of years. Formiga1 have always approached issues from a different prospective [sic] taking into account the long term implication on the operation of the buildings. This view has the effect of reducing the long term maintenance costs for the Churches of Christ in Qld. Formiga1 have undertaken audits of our properties, provided pre planning advice as well as general advice on building matters. We have always found Formiga1 to be professional and friendly, providing excellent service."

    Andrew Woodward, Group Manager- Assets, Property and Development
    Churches of Christ in Queensland

  • "Northbuild have had a successful longstanding association with Formiga1 which has been based on excellent advice, strong performance and an understanding of our business."

    Revell McMahon, Design Coordinator
    Northbuild Construction Pty Ltd

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Local Melbourne Building Surveyors that advise on legislative building requirements for commercial building projects.
We have experience in the educational, aged care, medical, industrial and retail industries, and is one of Australia’s leading building surveyors.

With a high level of experience and proficiency in regulation, building code and fire safety fulfilment we make sure everything is up to standard and passes all relevant codes for your project.